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Update – MCRCWA Events at Raceway (Wanneroo)

Although it may appear that nothing has occurred in the last week, we continue to try resolving the insurance issue to see MCRCWA back at Raceway as soon as possible.

To remind everyone what the issue is, City of Wanneroo & WASCC negotiated a new lease which included an increased requirement in the Public Liability Insurance for any one occurrence to $50 Million (previously $20 Million). Our currently available insurance provided via MA is only $27.5 Million.  Although this new requirement was agreed to in early 2022, all hirers of venue were only notified on the 4th of May 2023, after this was already in effect.

As a Club (and with associated support from MWA / MA) we are attempting to address the impact of this in multiple ways:

  • MA has sent requests to its brokers to seek costs for an increase in existing MAIL policy cover – ‘for any one event’ for MA permitted events at Raceway to the limit of liability needed for the increased P/L cover. Timing is unknown and outside of MWA/MA control.
  • MWA are seeking intervention through their presence on State level working groups, by making a written submission to the State Govt, (via DLGSC/Minister for S&R) associated with the impact of increasing (unaffordable) insurance costs on all motorsport activity. FYI, motorcycling is not the only sport this has impacted.
  • In the short term, MCRCWA is assessing the ability to secure additional dates at Collie Motorplex, firstly directly with the venue, and then if reasonable dates aren’t available consult with other track users directly.
  • Currently investigating the ability to directly secure the required insurance, given our current understanding is that we can still run MA permitted events using our own Public Liability Insurance.  We are looking at the option to either secure:
    • Top up insurance that can be implemented to cover the difference ($27.5 to $50 Million) above the current MA insurance.  This would require approval by MA, WASCC, as well as CoW before we could move with this option
    • Public liability insurance for the $50 Million, although unsure if this would be per event cost, an annual cost etc.

Given all these efforts are happening concurrently, and with no firm idea when we can secure the required insurance required to run an event Raceway, MCRCWA has cancelled Round 3 of the AGV Helmets Australia State Championship, due to occur on June the 11th

With our next event at Raceway not due to occur until the 19th of August, we will continue our efforts to find a solution to this insurance issue.

If the option of securing additional insurance outside of MA is realized prior to a response from MA / MAIL, we will call a special meeting with our members to present our options, understand the financial implications and vote on if that is our way forward.

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing everyone at Round 2 of the AGV Helmets Australia Road Racing Championship this weekend at Collie.

Tim Simmons


Motor Cycle Racing Club of WA.