So you want to Race


Competition Licence for Solo Riders

You will need

  • Your own motorcycle – normal street bike from 125cc or above (no race prepping is required for Rider Training courses)
  • Suitable riding attire (ie full or two piece leathers/ calf length boots/ helmet/ gauntlet length gloves)
    • Leather gear can be hired at $50 for the day (pending availability and sizing)
    • NOTE: For racing a back protector is compulsory

Getting a Competition Licence

Book a Rider Training Level 1 (first time / novice) online.
A One Day Recreational Licence will be issued to you.
Complete the Level 1 and 2 rider training courses then you can participate in Level 3 where you are eligible to be license tested.
For 2020- 2021 the MCRCWA has been working in conjunction with Trakdayz.  You can complete a Level 1 and 2 course with Trakdayz if there is not a suitable MCRC day available to you.

RidedaysWA Course information and bookings

Licence Testing

Once you feel confident, you can request to be tested for your national MA Competition Licence.
Testing involves observation of your riding on track throughout the day eg. Race Lines, Cornering, Braking, Race Starts so in addition to a questionnaire on some competition rules and requirements.

Licence Processing

To process your Licence go to Ridernet

  • Select “Purchase a Licence"
  • Senior National Licence or Junior National Licence
  • Follow the the prompts to register for your race licence and club membership
    • You are required to be a member of the club and to have Ambulance Cover thru Private health cover or
      direct with St John Ambulance to obtain a valid MA Competition Licence.
    • NOTE: If you are under 18 years of age – parent or guardian signature required.

Expired Licence (over 12 months)

If you have held a MA Competition Licence but it has expired more than 12 months ago you will be required to attend a Tuning Day to retest prior to reapplying for your licence renewal and entering a race meeting.
A One Day recreational Licence will be issued to you at sign-on.

Have a MA Competition licence for a different discipline?

If you currently hold a licence for motocross with an option for road racing you will be required to attend a Tuning Day and or a Rider Training Course prior to entering your first race meeting.

Issuing of a Race Number

Your allocated race number will be listed on your digital licence ie RR # For Road Racing (Modern)
A “preferred" number can be requested by contacting MWA on 9371 5333.
MCRC Office has stick on numbers available for purchase at $2 each.

Series Regulations AND Round specific Regulations

FOUND HERE – Read them thoroughly!
They give you all the race rules, eligibility, format, times and details for the race day.

Entering an Event

Currently all entry registrations for a race meeting are available SOLO HERE and SIDECAR HERE
You will require the following:
Club Membership
• MA Competition Licence
Entries close approximately one to two weeks prior the event. Closing dates listed in round Supplementary Regulations. If for some reason you cannot enter on time, please advise the Race Secretary via email of your intention to compete at the event.

For Bike Race Prepping Information CLICK HERE

For Road Racing Class Information CLICK HERE

To book a Tuning Day CLICK HERE

Remember, unsure about anything? Just ask, everyone is here to help out. Don’t know anyone – ask the office/ race secretary / Coaches and we can introduce you to a fellow rider, maybe on a similar bike to yours.