Race Prepping you Bike

All machines that are taking part in a Tuning or Competition event must comply with Section 7C 7.6 and 7D in the Motorcycling Australia (MA) General Competition rules (GCR's)
For Competition the machine must adhere to the Series Regulations and any Supplementary Regulations in addition to the GCR's
Any changes to the GCR's rules throughout the year can be found in the Bulletins section on the MA website.
Note: It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that the machine complies with the regulations.

Some of the most important safety components can be found below:

Belly Pans GCR

All* machines, including sidecars, must be fitted with an integral lower fairing dam or separate catch tray, which must be constructed: Of a material and capacity to trap and hold at least 3 litres, for 4 stroke machines and 2.5 litres for 2 stroke machines, for engine oil and engine coolant, in the event of the engine breakdown with no less than two holes, each of 25mm sealed by a blind grommet (Tape is not acceptable), which may only be opened in wet race conditions.

*Note: Production-based Machines without a lower fairing which have Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliance can be excluded however it is still recommended.

Engine Case Covers GCR

All lateral covers/engine cases containing oil and which could be in contract with the ground during a crash, must be protected by a second cover made from composite materials, type carbon or Kevlar. Plates and/or bars from aluminium or steel are also permitted. These devices must be designed to be resistant against sudden shocks and must be fixed properly and securely. Bonding alone is not a suitable method of mounting.

There are different options for all budgets. Purchased options are easiest but it is possible to achieve the same result on your own. If you go down this path it is worth checking with our Machine Examination team before hand that your solution will be acceptable.


Chain Guards GCR 7.17.10

A chain guard (Shark Fin) must be fitted in such a way to prevent trapping between the lower drive chain run and the final drive sprocket at the rear wheel.

There are multiple ways that this can be achieved. Some options require drilling into the swing arm others are no drill. Which ever path you choose please ensure that the guard is fitted in a way that it prevents anything from being trapped in the rear sprocket.


Coolant GCR

You must completely drain and replace any Glycol based Coolant. Due to the way the cooling systems work it is likely that this will take more than one flush of the cooling system. The only liquid coolants permitted are water and non-glycol coolants. Glycol and coolants manufactured with glycol are not allowed.

We recommend Motul's Glycol free MoCool Concentrate

Lock Wire GCR, Supplementary Regulations

You will need to lock wire the Radiator Cap, Oil Filler Cap, Sump Plug, any Radiator Drain Plugs (There may be more than one), Dipstick, Oil Filter and front Brake Calliper Bolts.

Ensure that you lock wire these components to stop the bolts from loosening. You may either drill the original bolts or purchase replacement bolts that have been pre drilled and a pair of lock wire pliers will make your life much easier.

Note: Even though it is not currently in the GCR's MCRCWA still requires the use of front Brake Calliper Bolts

There are multiple ways to lock wire the oil filter. However the cheapest and easiest options are to use either a worm drive to give a lock wire fixture point on the filter or an oil filter that has a hex head with lockwire holes.

Note: If you use a filter with a hex head do not use this hex head to install the filter. It is there for removal only and can cause the oil filter to fail.


Handle Bars and Controls GCR's 7.17.8

Handle bar ends must be blanked off with either a flush or rounded end, Levers must have ball ends and make sure the throttle twist grip shuts on it’s own.

Tyres GCR

Make sure they are in good condition, don’t ride on old worn out rubber, it’s in your best interest to spend all your performance dollars right here. The Machine Examiner’s have the power to stop you from practicing should they feel your tyres are sub-standard. Check your tyres pressure; air supply is available at the circuit.

Our Sponsor Pirelli provides tyre changing service at the track which is available on race days. The changing is free for Pirelli Tyres with a nominal fee for other brands.

Engines GCR

Where flexible oil lines other than those supplied as standard equipment
by the original machine manufacturer are used, they must incorporate
high pressure hose secured by high pressure connections. Worm drive hose
clamps may not be used.

Side/Center Stand GCR

Remove the side/centre stand. You will need to use a race front and rear paddock stand.

Note: This may require bridging of the circuit for the stand cut out switch.

Valve Caps

While not specifically mentioned in
the GCR's you should be running Valve caps on the front and rear wheels.
This is due to the fact that it provides another layer of protection in
case the valve is leaking. We have also had racers find that the
centrifugal force can cause valves to release air.

Wheel Weights

Ensure that wheel weights are taped to prevent them from coming off the wheel when on the circuit.

Drive Chain

Check the chain link to make sure it is fitted correctly. Tension the chain to Manufacturers’ specs.

Race Numbers GCRs 7.11

The MCRCWA requires the use of the 7.11 ruleset. Specific sizes and
background colour’s relevant to bike capacities required. However the
MCRCWA requires all 3 Numer locations to be used within instead
of the normal requirement for 2 out of 3.

The series regulations also specify the rules around font usage.

MCRC Office has stick on numbers available for purchase at $2 each.

Catch Cans

All engine, gearbox, fuel and radiator breather hoses and tubes, including the radiator

overflow bottle vent must;

a) Exhaust into the airbox to the rear of the intakes. The lower airbox breather tube

must be blocked, or

b) Exhaust into an oil catch tank with a minimum volume of 300ml which must be

emptied prior to each Event.

For Race Parts and Accessories:

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