Become a Flag or Track Marshal

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 Are you considering becoming a volunteer Flag Marshal?

As a marshal, you are a crucial member of any racing organisation. Without your valuable time and knowledge there would be no racing.

As close as you can get to the action… without wearing leathers!

Duties of Flag and Track Marshals

To observe competitors in their area of operation and display relevant flags to ensure the safety of riders.

When there is an obstruction on the track (usually a fallen rider or a rider with machine trouble or either an oil spill or debris on track) it is the flag marshal’s responsibility to give oncoming riders a warning, so that they may take precautions to prevent a further accident.

Clearing of the track or helping injured riders are not the flag marshals’ responsibilities but are to be carried out by a track marshal/s allocated to your point.

To communicate with relevant next in chain of command at meeting, any irregularities ie oil/ debris on track, fallen rider etc.

Marshals are to note and communicate any incidents that occur in their area as a statement of fact. ie passing under yellow flags, crashes. These are to be reported to the Chief Flag Marshal /Chief Communications as soon as is possible.

To become part of the Motorcycle Racing Club of WA Marshal’s League you will need to register firstly by;

Completing a Registration Form, available from HERE or phone the office on 9409 1002 and a form can be posted or emailed to you. (Minimum age 18 years)

You can choose to marshal at any or all events, including State Championship Rounds, Tuning Days or RidedaysWA courses

What happens next

You will be contacted a week prior each event to confirm availability.
Report to the Sign on area.
Sign on will be followed by a Briefing. Motorcycle Parking is permitted in the parking bays behind McCracken House. (At Wanneroo Raceway)

Sign on commences 7.45am followed by a Briefing at approximately 8.30am by the Chief Flag Marshal. For safety reasons, it is a requirement of Motorcycling Australia that all flag and track marshals must sign the indemnity and read the terms and conditions before taking up position on the circuit.

Marshals are allocated to each point; with flags, cement dust and fire extinguisher, plus radio communication at various points. Marshals are rotated from point to point during the day (numbers permitting).

Clothing Requirements

  • Suitable clothing ie long pants, t-shirt, jacket, hat and enclosed footwear.
    • A limited amount of wet weather gear is available but you are encouraged to bring your own.
  • Provided at sign-on
    • A High Viz identification marshals vest
    • Gloves for handling of motorcycles
    • Ear plugs and sunscreen

We also offer

  • $100 payment at Wanneroo / $50 Payment at Collie
  • Drinks throughout the day
  • Morning Snacks & Lunch with 40-minute lunch break
  • Tea and coffee at sign on
  • Free drink voucher at Presentations from club bar (Wanneroo Raceway Only)
  • Free burger voucher at Presentations (Wanneroo Raceway Only)
  • Invitation to the End of Season Champions Awards night

Also included

At the final race meeting for the season a Trophy to the Flag Marshal of the Year is presented.

Please volunteer! The club Needs You