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New MA Concussion Guidelines

Motorcycle sporting legends Martin and Dack endorse new MA Concussion Guidelines

As motorcycle racing activity ramps up for another year, now is the perfect time to become familiar with Motorcycling Australia’s new Concussion Guidelines.

Two riders who know all about concussion are Steve Martin and Craig Dack, mainstays of motorcycle racing both locally and abroad for decades.

Martin started out as a junior trials rider before making a successful Australian- and world-title-winning switch to road racing. He, more than most, knows that concussion must be treated with absolute respect, and that it can happen whether you’re riding fast or slow.

“There’s no doubt I’ve probably returned to competition in the past while suffering the effects of concussion and that’s probably also true for a large number of my opposition,” said Martin. “That’s not anyone’s fault, but knowledge is power and that’s why I fully endorse the new MA Concussion Guidelines.

“Concussion is no laughing matter and if it’s not taken seriously, it has the potential to create serious issues later in life.”


“And take it from me: I’ve crashed motorcycles at speeds ranging from 2km/h to 200km/h and concussion can occur in any scenario – it doesn’t fall into pre-defined categories.

“When it does happen, the MA Concussion Guidelines will provide great information on all aspects of this injury, from diagnosis to recuperation and returning to competition.”

Dack is a motocross and supercross legend in Australia, winning multiple national and state titles before turning his attention to running his own eponymous race team.

“After a long and successful career in motocross and now with the responsibility of running the CDR Yamaha Team, I am very focused on rider welfare and the safety in our sport,” Dack said.

“I am fully supportive of this Motorcycling Australia initiative, and I endorse the new MA Concussion Guidelines which has come into effect for 2024.

“Our sport sees riders pushing for the win and taking it to the limits, so for this reason, we need to make sure that everyone who is out on the track is fit, healthy and free from concussion. Whether it’s a club day or at the ProMX Championship with Australia’s best riders, we all need to be well informed on this topic and to take it seriously.’’

With the new MA Concussion Guidelines coming into effect back on January 1st 2024, more information can be found in the dedicated concussion portal that now resides on the MA website, which can be visited here.